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Four Things to Learn from the U.S. Open

Even if you’re not a golf fan, you can get better at whatever you do by watching the U.S. Open.

U.S. Open Golfers: Shut Up and Play

U.S. Open golfers are already complaining about the Chambers Bay course. Umm, should it be easy?

Win More: Think Correctly

When you go to a tennis match, what exactly are you watching? Or, more precisely, how much tennis are you watching? According to this article by Stu Woo of the Wall Street Journal, only about 17% of a match involves actual playing. The rest is taken up with toweling, arguing, bouncing balls, strolling, challenging, you […]

The Hard Makes It Great

Barring a playoff, today marks the final day of this year’s U.S. Open. There’s no doubt that today’s round will add to the Open’s rich history of great stars and clutch golf shots. Even so, nothing about today will rival the best moment in U.S. Open history. That moment came not on the course, but […]

Emotions and Competition

Serena Williams’ meltdown in the U.S. Open semifinals reminds us exactly how much emotion goes into high-level competition. We don’t always see that emotion, because pro athletes get where they are precisely because they manage their emotions so well. When batters go to the plate in crucial situations, they must fight the pounding in their […]

Becoming an Expert

As Melanie Oudin enjoys her status as tennis’ newest sensation, a few paragraphs tucked into the bottom of an Associated Press story tell her secret. According to the story, Oudin, who has reached the quarterfinals of the U.S.Open, has followed the classic pattern for achieving expert performance. “Melanie and (her twin sister) Katherine began hitting […]