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U.S. Open Golfers: Shut Up and Play

U.S. Open golfers are already complaining about the Chambers Bay course. Umm, should it be easy?

Impossible Weather

You can be sure that snow-weary New Englanders do not want to hear that others have had it worse. But it’s true. Roald Amundsen not only endured harsher conditions, he pursued them. Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, became the first person to lead a successful journey to the South Pole. In doing so, he showed us […]

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

Diana Nyad has tried four times to swim from Florida to Cuba. She has never succeeded. Does that make her a failure? It makes her a champion! Only champions dream such big dreams. Only winners try things that scare away others. “Marathon swimming is the most difficult physical, intellectual and emotional battleground I have encountered,” […]