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No Surprises

With fall teams entering their tournament season, thousands of coaches are looking for any edge they can get. And here’s the edge, courtesy of peak performance expert Dave Cross: Change as little as you can. In fact, Coach Cross offers this article, titled, “No surprises!” His point is that major changes at tournament time can […]

Mastering the Situation

Peak performance expert Dave Cross of “Yes, I Can!” sports often says that no situation has any meaning except the one you give it. By that he means that no matter what happens, you can choose your response. His words came to mind the other night in a show in which Hall of Fame pitcher […]

Choosing Your Response

Peak performance expert Dave Cross says this: “No situation has any meaning except the one your give it.” In other words, whenever a situation presents itself, you choose the response. Whether it’s being sent to the minor leagues, being cut, whatever — you choose the response. This year my team finds itself in a very […]

Developing a Routine

If the Orlando Magic wind up winning the NBA title, they may owe their success in part to a song that was played at halftime on Sunday. The song helped Dwight Howard relax at the free-throw line, and his 14-for-19 shooting — well above his career average of 59 percent — contributed to his team’s […]