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More Than a Sports Star

You’ve heard about sports stars who made millions then went broke. You’ve head about sports stars who are spoiled. You’ve heard about sports stars who lose perspective. None of that applies to Miami Dolphins player Brian Hartline, who works the drive-thru at his convenience store, Smart Shop. Despite a $31 million contract in the NFL, […]

Predicting Peyton

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. That’s what people say about picking stocks, and they could say the same thing about picking a quarterback. With Peyton Manning fresh on the market, NFL teams must decide if he is the choice for them. Several teams have expressed interest, including the Miami Dolphins and New […]

Is Today Your Lucky Day?

A wise man once described the difference between superstition and ritual. Superstition is doing things to avoid something bad. Rituals mean doing certain things to make something good happen. Superstition involves belief in things beyond your understanding and control. Rituals are a way to organize the things that you can control. All this comes to […]