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Why surgery and not steroids?

Alex Rodriguez gets booed in every ballpark, including his own. Tommy John, on the other hand, has a surgical procedure named after him. What’s the difference? That’s the interesting question posed by author Malcolm Gladwell in this New Yorker article. Says Gladwell, “Maybe Alex Rodriguez looks at Tommy John — and at the fact that […]

Finding Hidden Talent

Some visitors — relatives of one of our players — walked into practice yesterday. Afterward, they remarked on the sense of spirit they felt. This is always nice to hear about your team, and we want to keep up that feeling. Part of our success (after only two days) comes from what some people call […]

Meaningful Work

Yesterday we spoke about making the gym experience a meaningful one for the athletes. It turns out that acclaimed author Malcolm Gladwell has something to say about the topic. Being interviewed by Charlie Rose, Gladwell lists the elements that go into meaningful labor. (You can watch it here; the part about labor comes well into […]

How David Beats Goliath

“What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road?” — German proverb Coaches preach that hard work can make all the difference. But exactly how much of a difference is that? Renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, in an article in New Yorker magazine, offers an answer: Whether it’s basketball for 12-year-old girls, […]