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The First Step in Building Your Mental Game

Just as everyone has different levels of physical skill, so it is with mental skills like confidence and focus. You can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to mental training.

The Nine Most Important Words in Leadership

When you look at what Albert Pujols has accomplished in the big leagues — things no player has ever done — you wonder how teams could have passed over him on draft day. Yet it happened. Through 12 rounds of the 1999 draft, every single franchise looked at Pujols and decided there was someone better […]

Ego and Improvement

Today‚Äôs post comes in the form of a poem offered by the Coaching Toolbox web site. Many thanks to Kevin Reilly for sending it along. The poem portrays a young athlete learning how to handle praise; it would make great material to put on a gym wall. It also raises the issue of deliberate practice, […]