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What Motivates People?

This article from US News sheds some light on what motivates children and adolescents. It compares and contrasts pupils in the United States and China. It says that up to a certain age, pupils in both countries are motivated by a desire to please their parents. Then things change. As they move into adolescence, according […]

How Do People Improve?

Two things help any performer improve: First is properly designed activity, the more game-like the better. Second is appropriate feedback. If your team is not improving, then look carefully at what you’re doing and how you give feedback. My friend Kevin Reilly sent this sensational article on “The Five Feedback Traps.” Written by Brian McCormick […]

Soft, selfish, stupid

A few days ago we said how hard it is to make good choices at tryout time. It’s difficult, for example, to judge in a short span how a player will behave over the long period needed for proper skill growth. How can short bursts of physical activity show whether anyone has a strong mental […]