// Why Total Game?

 Something about a team of destiny dazzles us.

Whether it’s the 1969 Mets winning the World Series, the 1980 U.S. hockey team winning the Olympic gold medal or the Arizona Cardinals qualifying for the Super Bowl, you find yourself asking two questions:

  •  How did they do it?
  •  How could I make it happen in my own life? 

The answer to both questions is total game. Those teams had total game for their miracle, and you need total game for yours. And so what exactly is total game?

To perform your best when it means the most, you need three elements going for you:

  1.  Physical game: You must be highly skilled in the specific area in which you’re going to compete.
  2. Mental game: You must be focused and relaxed so that your mind does not get in the way of your physical skills.
  3. Emotional game: You must be excited and full of energy and belief.

 When all three parts of your game are in synch, you have a chance to work miracles. This is total game. But if one aspect is lacking, it creates a drain on the other two. Let’s say, for example, that you have neglected a physical skill in your preparation. When that weakness becomes evident in competition, it will erode your poise and belief. Soon you have no game.

Total Game Plan helps athletes, coaches and teams train so that all three aspects of their game are functioning at a high level.

Coach Mike Tully has studied performance for three decades, first as an international sports writer covering the Olympics, the World Series and the Stanley Cup playoffs, and then as a college and high school coach. And this is what he has discovered:

Whether you’re playing for the Olympic gold medal, or preparing for Game 7 of the World Series, or pursuing the state volleyball championship, you need total game.

Coach Tully will bring his three decades of experience to your gym to give your athletes and coaches the winning edge.