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The Lessons of Ali-Frazier

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Ali-Frazier I, a classic bout so big that fans recall it with awe to this day. Muhammad Ali, trying to regain his title, battled Joe Frazier in Madison Square Garden with celebrities like Frank Sinatra ringside. Frazier won. In events of this magnitude, it’s easy to forget the human […]

What Tina Fey Can Teach All Performers

Tina Fey can do more than write and perform comedy. In the latest issue of New Yorker magazine, she gives us a look behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live and, in so doing, offers an important lesson for coaches, athletes, everyone. “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready,” Fey writes. “It goes on […]

The Day Duke Snider Broke a Heart

Duke Snider’s recent passing brought some memories from New York Post columnist Peter Vecsey. Snider, a Hall of Famer who died last month at age 84, was playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers when Vecsey, then in seventh or eighth grade, went to a game. You can read the details here, but the short version is […]

Trying Out for “American Idol”

“Live your life so that your children will want to tell your grandchildren about you.” That advice came from a speaker who urged his audience to “go for it.” At the end of their lives, people regret what they DIDN’T do, rather than what they did do. They regret the songs that died inside of […]

Sports Coaching Tips: 7 Ways to Prepare for Adversity

Coaching Tips : 7 Great strategies for preparing athletes for adversity during March Madness or any tournament for any sport.

When Feedback Fails

The other night at practice, coaches began discussing an athlete who seems to reject feedback from whomever offers it. We wondered why certain athletes accept feedback when others don’t. But this turns out to be the wrong question. The issue isn’t why some athletes reject feedback. The issue is how well the coaches give it. […]