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How Olympians Train Their Brains

You’ve already seen athletes spin and twist through the air at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Those feats are nothing compared to the gymnastics that take place in their minds. “You have to train your mind like you train your body,” Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner once said. This Huffington Post article by Carolyn Gregoire explains how […]

Olympians and the Mental Game

In just one day, the Winter Olympics have given us breath-taking glimpses into the mental game, from snowboarder Jessika Jenson’s reframing to single skater Jeremy Abbott’s defeated body language. Abbott fell on his first jump in the team competition, finished seventh, and put his head between his knees and covered it with his hands. Jenson […]

How to Live Like Babe Ruth

On the day that Yankee Stadium opened, Babe Ruth summed up his style with one sentence. “I’d give a year of my life,” he said, “if I could hit a home run on Opening Day of this great new park.” He did. No one knows if that one home run cost him a year of […]

Problems and Possibilities

Every problem disguises a possibility. And so it is with all the snowstorms, which, among other things, have complicated life for baseball and softball coaches around large parts of the United States. Fields are covered with snow. One coach in Virginia told me he doesn’t expect to even see green until April. Even so, the […]

Does Playing Sports Help Girls?

At a time when so many women are delivering such electrifying performances at the Winter Olympics, we can find this question especially useful: Does participation in sports make a long-term difference in a woman’s life? An article in the New York Times takes a look. It cites separate studies by two economists. One examines the […]

The Olympic Flame

Today Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News writes about the American team’s high hopes in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver: “While you were dozing these past four years, your fellow Americans somehow became proficient at biathlon, ice dancing, snowboarding, luge, Nordic combined, women’s bobsled and a lot of events that normally make you […]

The Olympic Spirit — Not!

This weekend the Olympics arrive in our living rooms, and no doubt the TV commentators will be painting the picture of a winter wonderland. Their portrait will not necessarily match the reality. In its current edition, Newsweek is offering up a different look, called “Fool’s Gold.” Summing it all up is the subtitle: How the […]