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Savoring the Days

This time 100 years ago, Titanic was steaming across the North Atlantic on its way to New York. On board were hundreds of people enjoying the food, music and the sensation of being on the sea. These were moments to be treasured. Unfortunately, no one knew that. The minutes and hours blended into one another […]

Why Some People Don’t Learn from Their Mistakes

Think of the last time something went wrong in your life. Perhaps it was a project that came up short, an accident on the road, or even an illness. How much of it was unavoidable, and how much of it was due to mistakes you made? If you tend to blame outside factors instead of […]

Thomas Jefferson’s 24 Hours

Thomas Jefferson, one of the most successful people in the history of the country, was a master of time management. You, too, can have success by getting the most out of your practice time.