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Einstein’s Brain and You

Here’s a fascinating look at the brain of Albert Einstein. Written expertly by Amy Nutt of the Star-Ledger in New Jersey, it details research almost from the moment of Einstein’s death. With all due respect to the scientists and to the news reporter, Einstein himself said, “I am no genius. I merely stay with problems […]

About Motivation

No aspect of coaching is as misunderstood as motivation is. Too many coaches think of motivation as a magic wand to be waved over their team before the big game. Great coaches know that isn’t the case. A perfect example is Mike Pope, who coaches the tight ends on the New York Giants. Pope uses […]

The Story Every Competitor Should Hear

“The minute you start making excuses, you have one foot in the grave.” ~ Mark Messier Any time you or one of your players are tempted to make excuses, just think of Toni Clark. A native of Newark, N.J., Clark just graduated from Essex Community College despite being homeless for all her years at the […]