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Team Culture

Let’s start with a trick question. Does your team have a culture? Remember, it’s a trick question. And the answer is yes. Whether in sports, in business or even in your family, your group has a culture. It may be weak or it may be strong, but it’s a culture. It may be positive or […]

Passion and Problem-Solving

Here’s a different point of view on something you’ve heard a lot: follow your passion. It comes from Oliver Segovia, a young author and entrepreneur, who argues that following your passion can leave you feeling empty (as well as poor). Segovia instead suggests finding big problems. “Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, […]

What Not to Say When Coaching

Any coach has two main jobs: to teach and to motivate. That process involves words, so we must be very careful about the exact words we use. Jack Perconte has offered a wonderful article on things to say and to not say. Among his points is that your tone and body language make all the […]

Communication Traps

We are all salespeople. For example, coaches are trying to sell a system, or new habits, or principles to their team. They’re trying to motivate, teach, reinforce, you name it. Whatever you’re selling, take a look at this article and see if any of these traps are holding you back. Remember, communication is a skill […]