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True Grit

Hollywood’s version of “True Grit” came out in 1969 and starred John Wayne. You can remake this movie today, put yourself in the starring role, and have it run in your home every day. A recent article in the Boston Globe takes a look at success and concludes that it comes from something it calls […]

On Being Well-Rounded

Has anyone ever told you to be well-rounded? Many people, from parents to guidance counselors, offer these well-intentioned words of wisdom. The trouble is that being well-rounded is not the best way to achieve extraordinary things. In fact, the two are opposite. Just think. If you spend your time becoming pretty good at lots of […]

Rickey Henderson’s Self-Talk

Teammates love to tell stories of Rickey Henderson, a superstar character who is to be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame today in Cooperstown, N.Y. Henderson, for instance, once neglected to cash a $1 million check. Instead, he had it framed. But one incident makes perfect sense. It came one day after he struck […]