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What’s Your Relationship With Problems?

There are four kinds of people. As you go down the list, see which one fits you best. The first kind are the problem-avoiders. They show up late for work, go home early, and surf the Web while there. The second kind is problem-copers. They come in and leave on time. They do what’s required, […]

Einstein’s Brain and You

Here’s a fascinating look at the brain of Albert Einstein. Written expertly by Amy Nutt of the Star-Ledger in New Jersey, it details research almost from the moment of Einstein’s death. With all due respect to the scientists and to the news reporter, Einstein himself said, “I am no genius. I merely stay with problems […]

How to Think About Problems

Life is a series of problem-solving events. And the way you approach these problems will determine how successful you are in solving them. As a wise person once observed, “The problem isn’t the problem. The way you handle the problem is the problem.” For a look at how great problem-solvers approach their work, here’s an […]

Passion and Problem-Solving

Here’s a different point of view on something you’ve heard a lot: follow your passion. It comes from Oliver Segovia, a young author and entrepreneur, who argues that following your passion can leave you feeling empty (as well as poor). Segovia instead suggests finding big problems. “Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, […]

Have a Very Einstein New Year!

Life is an never-ending series of problem-solving events. Success comes to those who can understand that difficulties are a part of life. “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere,” said Frank A. Clark. Whether you’re Katy Perry, Ryan Seacrest or quarterback Eli Manning, you’re going to have problems. […]

Problems and Solutions

Life is a series of problem-solving events. No one can escape. That means that the most important life skill could well be solving problems. Here’s a great article on problems and solutions. The author takes a close look at effective problem-solvers and asks what seems to be an overly basic question: Do people spend enough […]

Exercising the Problem-Solving Muscle

In the word of sports parenting, here’s how you keep up with the Jones: Personal coach. Psychologist. Nutritionist. Lawyer. Lawyer? Yes, according to this article in The Record of Bergen County, NJ, one father is suing because his daughter did not make the All-County team. He claims this is hurting her college chances. You can […]

Jackie Robinson’s Powerful Message

This weekend big-league baseball is marking the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut. All players are wearing Robinson’s No. 42 to honor the man who broke the color line on April 15, 1947, for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson helped change the world back then. But as a coach I wonder what he can change today. What […]

When Risk Is Essential

Someone once said, “Don’t refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase — that’s what wild geese are for.” Those words come to mind after an episode in our gym the other night. One of our teams was flat. No emotion, no energy, no purpose. I asked the coaches what they could do to […]

Dealing With the Unexpected

Recently I had the chance to speak to two groups of school athletic directors. The discussion began with this question: What percentage of your time is spent on your to-do list, and what percentage is spent dealing with the unexpected? In both groups, estimates on the percentage of time spent dealing with the unexpected ranged […]