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Predicting Peyton

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. That’s what people say about picking stocks, and they could say the same thing about picking a quarterback. With Peyton Manning fresh on the market, NFL teams must decide if he is the choice for them. Several teams have expressed interest, including the Miami Dolphins and New […]

The NFL Draft and the Royal Wedding

What do the Royal Wedding and the NFL draft have in common? Neither one can be judged by the early hoopla. Success is determined only over the long haul, and after adversity. This is true is every area of life. A big splash is nothing compared to a deep pool. Anyone can be successful over […]

Predicting Success in the NFL (And Elsewhere)

Consider the challenge that NFL teams face on draft day. They get only a few shots to select just the right player. They must wait their turn as other clubs snap up talent. And then, having made their picks, teams must shell out lots of cash to sign them. Under these circumstances, no one wants […]

How Bad Do You Really Want It?

How bad do you really want it? Few questions will mean as much in your life as that one. Because the more you want something, the more likely you will get it. Great achievements begin with great passion. Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, once reported to training camp six weeks before required. He […]

Avatar and You

“Avatar” arrives in force this weekend, and soon the artistic and financial reviews will be rolling in for this long-awaited film. No matter how those reviews turn out, you have to give director James Cameron credit for the way he accepts risk as part of his job. Back in 1997, he spent lavishly to produce […]

What Is Slowing You Down?

Today we begin the end of the year awards by selecting the best quote of 2009. In terms of mind-body performance in the world of sport, nothing really compares with an observation heard during the World Luge Championships in Lake Placid, N.Y., in February. “Luge is a gravity sport. You can’t do anything to make […]