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Should Japan Use Baseball to Heal?

Mike Piazza hit 427 home runs in his career, but few of them had the impact of the one he hit shortly after 9/11. It helped the Mets beat the Atlanta Braves, and pointed the city toward the healing process after the terror attacks. Now, after the earthquake and tsunami , and still in a […]

Football and Dementia

Years ago at a high school soccer practice I was watching with a mom whose daughter happened to head a ball only feet from where we were standing. “Another point off the SAT scores,” the mother quipped, referring to the blow to the head that her daughter had just absorbed. I took it as a […]

Does Your Team Have Talent?

“All resources are not obvious; great managers find and develop available talent.” —  Zig Ziglar There’s a saying that success leaves clues. By looking at successful people, you can improve your own chances for success. Such was the case yesterday when New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese was interviewed on WFAN radio. He was asked […]

Practice Leads to Super Bowl

  “We think in generalities, but we live in detail.” — Alfred North Whitehead If the Super Bowl comes down to a last-minute kick, then the Arizona Cardinals will be in good hands — literally. Ben Graham will be the holder on field goals and extra points, and he has arrived at his position through […]