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Hurricane Sandy and Motivation

If you have ever doubted your power, just look what happened in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. People lived without heat, power, hot water and light for a week or longer. Some waited in gas lines for five hours. Others slept in their cars. EvenNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama did what some […]

What’s Important About 10/11/12

Today is 10/11/12. Tenth day, eleventh month, twelfth year. Did you know that before you read it here? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: Lots of things happen every day without us realizing it. We walk past opportunities, resources and people who could help us. There are also the things we don’t […]

What Others Say About You

A heat wave in the Northeast makes it a refreshingly good time to discuss someone who made his living on the ice. Wayne Gretzky is a Hall of Fame hockey player whose exploits earned him the nickname “The Great One.” What a nickname! But this post is not about hockey or Wayne Gretzky. It’s about […]

Why Optimists Prosper

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Now this sentence is more than just a motivational phrase. It turns out that optimists do more than think about the future in a certain way. They actually do something about it. “We know why optimists do better […]

Winning the Big One

Former LSU baseball coach Skip Bertman once did a video called “Winning the Big One.” In it, Bertman spoke of the daily, constant, relentless effort to improve. I’m not sure if Yankees Manager Joe Girardi has seen the video, but his drive to improve has brought a motivational gem to the clubhouse. As related in […]

What Real Leadership Is About

Lately I’ve been hearing voices. No, not those kinds of voices (though you can never rule anything out). Instead, these voices are calling me to become a better coach, by truly serving those whom I lead and by approaching my work with the proper consciousness. The voices began calling last October, when I read an […]

Team Culture

Let’s start with a trick question. Does your team have a culture? Remember, it’s a trick question. And the answer is yes. Whether in sports, in business or even in your family, your group has a culture. It may be weak or it may be strong, but it’s a culture. It may be positive or […]

Daily Motivation

A few days ago, a coached reach out to me, said that her team was going through a rough stretch, and asked if I had any wisdom to offer. I told her I had no wisdom of my own, but that there was plenty in this article from the Gold Medal Squared Web site. Written […]

Passion and Problem-Solving

Here’s a different point of view on something you’ve heard a lot: follow your passion. It comes from Oliver Segovia, a young author and entrepreneur, who argues that following your passion can leave you feeling empty (as well as poor). Segovia instead suggests finding big problems. “Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, […]

What Not to Say When Coaching

Any coach has two main jobs: to teach and to motivate. That process involves words, so we must be very careful about the exact words we use. Jack Perconte has offered a wonderful article on things to say and to not say. Among his points is that your tone and body language make all the […]