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The Company You Keep

You know the old saying, “You’re known by the company you keep.” It’s only partially true. What’s closer to the truth is: “You’re DEFINED by the company you keep.” There is another saying: “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.” For instance, if you hang around a […]

Seeing the Best in Your Players

A man is walking past a pet store and sees a sign that says, “Talking Bird Inside.” He enters the store and asks the owner to show him this amazing merchandise. Sure enough, the bird is talking! He is telling the story of a long career as a spy, complete with dangerous missions and high […]

Developing Practice Focus

If you were in the gym and someone asked you, “What are you working on?” what would you say? Perhaps you would reply, “I’m just trying to get better.” That answer, of course, if not good enough. To really improve at something, you must have a specific focus. This idea comes to mind as I […]

Songs of Inspiration

Suppose you could hire an official team composer to write motivational and inspirational songs for your team. Who would it be? You certainly couldn’t go wrong with Richard Rodgers, who was born 107 years ago today. His collaborations include “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” “Climb Every Mountain” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Of course, you […]

Why Summer Reading for Athletes?

Yesterday I wrote about a summer reading list for student-athletes. Here are a couple of questions: First, why a summer reading list at all? Second, why only one book? As to why you have a summer reading list at all, students take a vacation from school, but they should never take one from growth. No […]

The Zone

This time of year brings to mind one of my favorite stories from my days of covering pro hockey. The New York Islanders were deep into the playoffs, and one of their top players, Bryan Trottier, was being interviewed after a victory. Someone asked Trottier how he felt about the way things were going. “Scared,” […]

Creating a Team Culture

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others.”  – Norman S. Hidle What  makes the difference between one successful season …and a successful program? The answer is culture. What are the shared values in your locker room? The standards? Is the […]

10 Things Every Great Coach Knows

What turns a good coach into a great one? Today, Gary Pritchard and Mike Tully release Part 2 of their podcast, “10 Things Every Great Coach Knows.” Last week, in Part 1, the message was: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! So this week’s message will surprise you! To hear Part 2, link on the link below. […]