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Stephen Hawking and Excuses

Hockey legend Mark Messier has said, “The minute you start making excuses, you’ve got one foot in the grave.” If you coach, teach or lead in any way, you’ve probably heard lots of excuses. I know I have. And you’ve probably made some. I know I have. (“We’re in a tough conference.” “Our best player […]

What Is Possible?

Today posting resumes after a hiatus to finish a book I wrote with Gary Pritchard, called “10 Things Great Coaches Know.” It turns out that Opening Day of the baseball season, the final game of the NCAA basketball tourney and an episode of “Dancing With the Stars” all intersected. And what unites these three apparently […]

Setting Standards

W. Somerset Maugham said, “It is a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.” Last night there was a special about high school bands on television. One of the band directors remarked that each season involved at least two dynamics: the ninth-graders learning the […]

Follow Your Bliss

One of our graduated players has taken the time to email, saying she loves her new school– Duke University. I envy her. On her campus is one of the great coaches in the world, Mike Krzyzewski. He not only coaches the university’s men’s basketball team, but he also led the United States men to a […]