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What Do You Sound Like When You Coach?

What effect do your pep talks have? Do you actually inspire your players? Or would you cringe if you could hear yourself? This article by softball maven Cindy Bristow contains an exercise that could help you find out. In fact, even thinking about the exercise could make you a better coach. Get your tape recorder […]

Exercising the Problem-Solving Muscle

In the word of sports parenting, here’s how you keep up with the Jones: Personal coach. Psychologist. Nutritionist. Lawyer. Lawyer? Yes, according to this article in The Record of Bergen County, NJ, one father is suing because his daughter did not make the All-County team. He claims this is hurting her college chances. You can […]

What Motivates People?

This article from US News sheds some light on what motivates children and adolescents. It compares and contrasts pupils in the United States and China. It says that up to a certain age, pupils in both countries are motivated by a desire to please their parents. Then things change. As they move into adolescence, according […]

Choosing Your Response

Peak performance expert Dave Cross says this: “No situation has any meaning except the one your give it.” In other words, whenever a situation presents itself, you choose the response. Whether it’s being sent to the minor leagues, being cut, whatever — you choose the response. This year my team finds itself in a very […]

Putting Magic Into Practice

There are some drills that are just magic. You wish all drills were, but there are some that do such a good job of building skill that you can’t help but love them. Let me explain what I mean. At our school, one of the basketball coaches wants the players to do a four-foot shooting […]