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The Nine Most Important Words for Any Employer

At the beginning of every semester, every sports season, every hiring, we know three things for sure:

What We Don’t Know About Greatness

We know that massive effort in any field can lead to greatness. What we don’t know is why some people are willing to work hard and others are not.

The Invisible Gem Who Invented the Curveball

To all outward appearances, Arthur Cummings seemed a typical boy. But his persistence resulted in an invention that changed the game of baseball.

Faces Change, Personality Types Don’t

Let’s say you’re a teacher or a coach. You look out over a group of 12. We choose the number 12 arbitrarily, because it’s the size of a basketball team or a volleyball team, or the amount of students in a small class. You meet them on Day 1, and as time goes by, you […]

How a Lazy Man Won a Nobel Prize

Laziness is a passion that has not yet been discovered.