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A Better Version of Yourself

Postings have been small the last couple of days because of a demanding travel schedule. Still, we have to note the holiday that celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Over the weekend, a coach challenged me with this question: Do you think of others before yourself?” The answer is, “Not nearly enough.” […]

Lesson on Teamwork

Here’s a case of a coach thinking outside the box. Temple basketball coach Fran Dunphy underlined the need for teamwork by taking his team for a workout with the crew squad. His players got a first-hand look at chemistry. Give this coach high marks for understanding that the game goes well beyond X’s and O’s […]

Language and Coaching

The other day on a cooking show, the host said she was making a classic French dish. “Classic French dish,” she said, “is code for lots and lots of butter.” Wow! That really made me think. I’ve heard the phrase “classic French dish” many times, but I never attached the same meaning to it that […]

The Power of Inspiration

Olympic ski champ Picabo Street can now claim two gold medals — her own and Lindsey Vonn’s. Street captured her own in the 1998 Super G Olympics, and served as the inspiration for Vonn’s gold in this year’s Olympic downhill. Victor Hugo said, “Inspiration and genius–one and the same.” Vonn got a dose of inspiration […]

A Winning Attitude

Yesterday we spoke about attitudes. Winners have a winning attitude. But what exactly does that mean? Years ago, Dr. Ron Gilbert, a sports psychology professor at Montclair State University in northern New Jersey, invited me to attend his classes. His message on Day One tells you all you need to know about becoming a winner. […]

The Company You Keep

You know the old saying, “You’re known by the company you keep.” It’s only partially true. What’s closer to the truth is: “You’re DEFINED by the company you keep.” There is another saying: “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.” For instance, if you hang around a […]

Songs of Inspiration

Suppose you could hire an official team composer to write motivational and inspirational songs for your team. Who would it be? You certainly couldn’t go wrong with Richard Rodgers, who was born 107 years ago today. His collaborations include “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” “Climb Every Mountain” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Of course, you […]

Passion for Success

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” We’ve hit a rainy spell here in the Northeast, with people reacting in a variety of ways. Yesterday I heard someone complaining. A few minutes later, I saw some people out on the golf course, doing just fine in the rain. And […]

Inspiration and Motivation

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~ Bo Bennett Who would have thought that rock bands and coaches are in the same business? But they certainly are. Their job involves creating energy and joy. And inspiring — and managing — emotions. This comes to mind because last night, I was up […]