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How Will Your Players Remember You?

For the past two weeks, we have been in camp, and I’ve had the privilege of coaching with two of my former players. Melissa is in college now, and came back to help out for a week. Lauren is a special education teacher, and she also spent a week in our gym. Their presence not […]

Getting Ready for the Big Game

If there’s one thing that every coach and athlete wants to know, it’s how to get primed for the big game. There’s really only one answer to that question: There are no big games. There are only big moments, and the biggest moment is right now. Here’s how it works: Most people have no trouble […]

Olympic-Style Effort

“Practice being excited.” — Bill Foster Today we’re privileged to interview Heather O’Reilly, a U.S. soccer Olympian. Heather is renowned for the quality of her practice; she treats every contact like it’s her first and her last. Though she is speaking of soccer, her comments can apply to anyone who is trying to become great. […]