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Today’s Pep Talk: Attitudes of Success

Success breeds success. Winners win. Did you ever wonder why? It begins with attitude. Look at Ben Affleck, a winner in his profession. Speaking to reporters after his picture “Argo” won an Academy Award, Affleck was asked how he felt about missing out on the Best Director award. “You know what? You’re not entitled to […]

The Endless Search for Novelty

Well, it’s headed for 100 degrees here in New Jersey, USA. The heat wave led one radio announcer to say, “It was a rough winter and a very wet spring. No reason to think the summer won’t be extreme, too.” One of my favorite quotes came from the world-class instruction at the Gold Medal Squared […]

How Much of Your Future Can You Control?

The other day on TV, a baseball expert used the phrase “projectable body” to describe a player taken in the recent draft. By “projectable body,” the expert meant a body that, while not yet developed, will likely grow to become what’s needed in the big leagues. That’s what the draft is all about. It’s not […]