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Snowstorms and Equality

That massive Midwest storm did more than move an NFL game from Minneapolis to Detroit. It also provided a vivid example of how to treat people. This storm treated everyone the same. It inconvenienced people regardless of age, status or wealth. Not even NFL players, with their money and fame, could escape the impact. How […]

Loving the Big Moment

In a game filled with fun moments last night, the best came in the last four seconds of the Giants-Cowboys contest. Lawrence Tynes was waiting to make a kick that would either give the Giants a last-second victory or leave them one point short. The Cowboys were trying to mess with his mind. And Tynes […]

Practice Pays Off

Multiple items today. First, many thanks to Jeff Robbins, who saw Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb’s comment to Fox after his team beat the Giants in an NFL playoff game: “I think we won this game today with the great week of practice that we had.”