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Win More: Build Your Belief

Diana Nyad just did something that no other person — not even a 28-year-old version of herself — has ever done. She swam from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, and she did it despite pain, weakness and nearly constant vomiting. She beat the odds. How? “It was not just about the physical, but […]

Coaching and Health

Urban Meyer could have been speaking for thousands of coaches when he said that he had been ignoring his health. Consumed by their passion for the job, these coaches build up stress and neglect healthy habits. Meyer, coach of Florida’s football team, apparently was one of them. Chest pains were enough to convince him it […]

Guarding Against the Self

“The mark of the champion is to be everlastingly on the lookout against the self.” — Golfer Bobby Jones No matter how experienced you are as a coach or athlete, you face an enemy more powerful than any oponent. That enemy comes from within, in the form of the temptation to sit back and get […]