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The Day They Turned Down Muhammad Ali

Former big-leaguer Al Leiter tells a great story about team focus and chemistry. In the MLB network’s airing of the “20 Greatest Games,” Leiter recalls a key point in the 1997 World Series between his Florida Marlins and the Cleveland Indians. With the Series tied at one victory apiece, someone offered to fly in boxing […]

Adversity Training

Thousands of high school and college athletes will soon be playing in tournaments. All these athletes have one thing in common: They will face some sort of adversity. Perhaps it will be an injury, maybe a bad call by an official. They will go into a slump, or fall behind in a game. Some sort […]

What the Tiger Woods Story Teaches

If nothing else, the Tiger Woods sage proves one thing: No one has it all. Tiger certainly seemed to. He had money, fame and a new family. But now his image is in shambles, and who knows how he will move on from here? Whatever happens, the story brings to mind the two biggest mistakes […]