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Is the Sport of Football Dying?

A few years ago, a friend of mine predicted that the sport of American football would disappear within a generation or so. This friend, a sport psychologist, said a growing awareness of concussions would lead parents to keep their children away from the game. Evidence is growing to help his claim. An August episode of […]

Jeremy Lin and Selfishness

In these days of Jeremy Lin, it’s not a good idea for anyone to be selfish, or to be seen as so. Carmelo Anthony, who will be on the court with Lin and the New York Knicks when he returns from a groin injury, is answering questions over whether he will share the ball. And […]

Building Toughness

What are your standards? Jay Bilas, ESPN basketball commentator, raised the question yesterday in an energetic talk at the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association coaches clinic in Des Moines. Bilas said he has visited several college practices recently, and the common theme is work hard and compete. Trouble is, most athletes don’t even know what that […]