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Tim Tebow and Deep Belief

Now comes another story about Tim Tebow and faith. No, not Tebow’s religious faith. This time, it’s the belief that Tebow’s teammates have in him. In beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in overtime on Wild-Card Sunday, the Denver Broncos looked like a team with great belief in each other and in their quarterback, Tebow. “He […]

What Do Field-Goal Kickers Think About?

You can say with confidence that at least one of this weekend’s NFL playoff games will be decided by a field goal attempt that either is made or missed. For instance, the Denver Broncos, who play the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, would not even be in the playoffs were it not for Matt Prater. He kicked […]

Situation and Response

Someone once said that the beauty of sports is certainty. At the end of the game, you can know whether you won or lost. This is a welcome relief from the gray areas of life, where, for instance, you can leave a meeting and say, “What happened in there?” In sports, not only do you […]