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Impossible Finish

Malcolm Butler, unlikely hero of the Super Bowl, just kept getting better. It’s harder than it sounds. Improvement takes focus, persistence and the mental toughness to work outside your comfort zone, all without any guarantees.

Win More: What the PED Scandal Means to You

Today, major-league baseball is handing down suspensions to players it believes have taken steroids. New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name. I have no first-hand knowledge of who did or did not take these drugs, but I do know this: Your decisions are your destiny. You are today the product of […]

Re-setting Your Limits

Comfort is the enemy of growth. Navy SEALS know that, and they’re teaching it to U.S. Olympians. “We’re going to re-set your baseline today,” a SEAL tells a group of athletes as they embark on a grueling session to test and expand their limits. Olympians and SEALS are just like the rest of us. They […]

Elephants and Ropes

There’s a true story about elephants and the rope. When elephants are very young, they are chained so that they can’t run away. But later in life, when the elephants are much bigger and stronger, the keepers need only a flimsy rope to keep the animals tied up. Why? Because the elephants become conditioned to feeling […]

Sacha Baron Cohen and You

Sacha Baron Cohen did more than pull the prank of the night at last night’s Oscars. By dumping the supposed ashes of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il all over Ryan Seacrest, Cohen gave us all a peek into where greatness comes from — outside the comfort zone. “The skills and actions you need to be […]

Deciding to Be Great

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Those words of Abraham Lincoln came to mind last night in the gym as I watched practice. Except I would like to paraphrase the famous president. What if we put it this way: “Most people are about as skilled as they […]

Herb Brooks’ Gold Medal Secret

Feb. 22 marks 31 years since the U.S. Olympic hockey team upset the Soviet Union en route to the gold medal. Those of us old enough to remember saw the jubilation and the celebration on the ice. But no one saw the hard work behind the feat. Except the players. They will never forget. After […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of a recent daredevil stunt in which a kayaker plunged over a 180-foot waterfall. This extreme sport says everything about how much you accomplish in your life and career. Warning: I am not telling you to go out and ride over a waterfall. However, it is a good idea — […]