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Advice from the Best

What if you could spend a few minutes with some of the best executives in the world? What questions would you ask? This article lets you spend that time. Take a few moments to see what advice these top leaders would give you if they had the chance. You don’t even have to get on […]

Exercising the Problem-Solving Muscle

In the word of sports parenting, here’s how you keep up with the Jones: Personal coach. Psychologist. Nutritionist. Lawyer. Lawyer? Yes, according to this article in The Record of Bergen County, NJ, one father is suing because his daughter did not make the All-County team. He claims this is hurting her college chances. You can […]

Changing Beliefs

You gotta believe! That’s what the New York Mets said in 1973 when they went from last place all the way to the World Series. That’s what the Detroit Red Wings are saying as they try to rebounded from a 3-0 Stanley Cup deficit to defeat the San Jose Sharks. But what is real belief? […]

When Creative Isn’t Right

This quote popped up on a Web site and made me wince. It took me back to  practices I’ve run. Bad ones. It’s from Phyllis Hunter, a Houston-based consultant. “Teachers do not have a right to do whatever they think best in the classroom. It’s not about teachers or what the teachers need or the […]

Keith Smart on Leadership

Two items today. First, I forgot to include a link to the article in yesterday’s post. It profiles a high school football team that has made a commitment to “go for it!,” and never punts or attempts a field goal. And here is a link to one of the research papers that suggests the team’s […]

Improving Your Odds

Lottery Fever has struck the New York metropolitan area, with a jackpot of $252 million at stake on Tuesday. Millions of people will buy tickets, even though the odds are long and there is no way for them to influence the outcome. That’s the strange fact about lotteries and rooting for sports teams. People spend […]

Finishing Second

Jack Nicklaus finished second more often than any other player in the history of men’s major golf tournaments. This made him a winner. How? Finishing second 19 times means that on 19 occasions, Nicklaus put himself into position to finish first. It didn’t happen. But it COULD have. On 18 other occasions, Nicklaus put himself […]

Encouragement Works

Willie Mays ranks as one of the greatest players in big-league history. Yet his career ended almost before it began. Here, in an interview with the Academy of Achievement, he recalls the disastrous early days, when he was only 20 years old, far from home, and filled with doubt. “(When) I came to the majors, […]

Miracles Do Happen

Today marks an astonishing anniversary in baseball history. On this date in 1951, the New York Giants lost a game, and fell 13 games behind the Brooklyn Dodgers with only seven weeks to go in the season. In baseball, being 13 games behind with only seven weeks to play usually means only one thing: Wait til […]

Lessons from a Legend

Like the rest of us, Pat Summitt, legendary coach of the Tennessee women’s basketball team, finds lessons everywhere. She recently ran into one in her own life. As she mentions in this video clip, Summitt came home one day to find her son had been cut from his basketball team. He was in tears. Summitt’s […]