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Are You Doing the Right Things?

Yesterday on sports radio, the talk turned to injuries in baseball. There seem to be many of them. One of the announcers made a point of saying that no matter how much care is given to pitchers, they break down. The subject made me wonder if the way teams handle the health of their pitchers […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of a recent daredevil stunt in which a kayaker plunged over a 180-foot waterfall. This extreme sport says everything about how much you accomplish in your life and career. Warning: I am not telling you to go out and ride over a waterfall. However, it is a good idea — […]

Making Players Feel Valued

The Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets made a trade yesterday. I mention this not to talk baseball, but because trades always remind me of something my late, great boss, Hall of Fame baseball writer Milt Richman, used to say about trades. He said that whenever the team informs a player that he has […]

Managing Mistakes

The more I coach, the more I believe that mistakes hold the key to your destiny. Mistakes represent a fork in the road. At this fork, you decide whether to be frustrated or fascinated. You decide whether you will lose or learn. You decide whether you will quit or grow. A blog from the Positive […]

Developing Practice Focus

If you were in the gym and someone asked you, “What are you working on?” what would you say? Perhaps you would reply, “I’m just trying to get better.” That answer, of course, if not good enough. To really improve at something, you must have a specific focus. This idea comes to mind as I […]

Two Powerful Coaching Tools

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” ~ Albert Einstein

This is Day Two of the Gold Medal Squared coaching clinic in Catonsville, Md.

Though the sport is volleyball, the principles and ideas apply to coaching any sport. Two such ideas came across powerfully yesterday.

What Players Need Most From a Coach

“My goal in sailing isn’t to be brilliant or flashy in individual races, just to be consistent over the long run.” — Dennis Conner At this time of year in 1941, Joe DiMaggio’s epic 56-game hitting streak was in the early stages. Beginning in mid-May and continuing until well into July, DiMaggio got at least […]