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Five Statements That Form Your Destiny

How can you tell if you or your child will achieve success? You can start with the following five statements. The more you can agree with them, the more successful you’re likely to be. “I am a hard worker.” “I finish whatever I begin.” “Setbacks don’t discourage me.” “I don’t give up after disappointment.” “I’m […]

The Power of Listening

The other day I read a Twitter profile that went like this: “Strong opinions. Good listener.” It made me think. Is such a thing possible? How about you? Do you think those two qualities can exist side by side in a person? Can you really care, at the same time, about what YOU think and […]

NORAD Santa Trackers and Other Christmas Items

Here’s a spectacular shot of a space nebula. It doesn’t take much imagination to see a Christmas wreath with a red bow. No sign of Little Saint Nick in this picture, even though NORAD was keeping an eye on the sky with its Santa Claus Tracker. With or without Santa in the picture, the nebula wreath […]