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Ed McMahon’s Example

Ed McMahon’s life offers a lesson for anyone who wants to play on a successful team.

McMahon, who died yesterday, earned fame and fortune by becoming the model sidekick. As a foil for Johnny Carson on the “Tonight” show for many years, he showed what can happen when you accept your role and shine in it.

Developing a Routine

If the Orlando Magic wind up winning the NBA title, they may owe their success in part to a song that was played at halftime on Sunday. The song helped Dwight Howard relax at the free-throw line, and his 14-for-19 shooting — well above his career average of 59 percent — contributed to his team’s […]

Ready to Compete

“The best place to start is at the beginning.” — The good witch, Wizard of Oz What would you think if you were getting on an airplane and you overheard the pilot remark, “It usually takes me a couple of hundred miles to warm up and get to the top of my game?” How would […]