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Could Herb Brooks coach the same way today?

Thirty-five ago, the U.S. Olympic hockey team was creating what came to be known as the Miracle on Ice. Under the stern leadership of coach Herb Brooks, the Americans upset the then-Soviet Union and capped a sports story for the ages with a victory over Finland. Brooks, whose tough style involved insults and at least […]

Doing Things Right

Too often, silly laziness winds up costing me time, effort and even money. Yesterday I was home looking for a pen. I checked the drawer, but saw only a pile of old crayons, markers and pencils. After moving one or two of them without finding anything, I wandered around the house in a futile search. […]

Do It Now!

Today’s post will be brief because the massive snowstorm is disrupting my internet service. I’m posting early for the same reason. It reminds me of the old military wisdom that when marching armies reach a river at night, they cross it before making camp. The reason is: During the night, a storm can arise or […]

What Great Coaches Do

Richard Quick, legendary collegiate and Olympic swim coach, died earlier this month of cancer.

I had never heard of Quick, but anytime a coach is accomplished enough to have his obituary appear on the national wires, I want to know more . And everything you need to know about Quick comes from the way his former athletes describe him.