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Rory McIlroy’s Mental Edge

Golf legend Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is played on a six-inch course, namely, the space between your ears.” If that’s true — and it is — then the rest of the golf world better watch out. Rory McIlroy has built a mental game to go with his physical game, and that makes him scary […]

Why Some People Don’t Learn from Their Mistakes

Think of the last time something went wrong in your life. Perhaps it was a project that came up short, an accident on the road, or even an illness. How much of it was unavoidable, and how much of it was due to mistakes you made? If you tend to blame outside factors instead of […]

Rhythm and Confidence

One thing is for sure about this evening’s winner-take-all playoff game between the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins in the Metrodome: The batting practice and game warmup will look just like the 162 that took place during the regular season. Nothing will change, even though the game will decide which team goes home and […]

What Happened to the Cavaliers?

  “Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.” ~ Adam Hochschild For two straight playoff series, the Cleveland Cavaliers not only looked unbeatable, they in fact were unbeatable. They played eight games and won them all, winding up in the Eastern Conference finals against the Orlando Magic. Then suddenly they were no longer unbeatable. […]

The Mind of a Champion

“Carelessness does more harm than a want of knowledge.” — Benjamin Franklin As the Stanley Cup playoffs open, one of my favorite hockey stories comes to mind. It takes place in the years 1980-83, when the New York Islanders were winning four straight championships. Mike Bossy was a key player for that dynasty, a highly […]

Ritual or Superstition?

“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears.”  ~ Bobby Jones Today marks the eve of the Masters golf tournament, the day when the players go through the ritual of the par-3 competition. And here’s where you’re likely to see lots of superstition: Since no one […]

Guarding Against the Self

“The mark of the champion is to be everlastingly on the lookout against the self.” — Golfer Bobby Jones No matter how experienced you are as a coach or athlete, you face an enemy more powerful than any oponent. That enemy comes from within, in the form of the temptation to sit back and get […]