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What Basketball Taught Bobby Hurley

With 25 state titles and a spot in the basketball Hall of Fame, Bobby Hurley has helped countless youngsters learn the game. But he’s learned, too. He talks about it in his book, “Chasing Perfect.” “Here’s what I learned from the game of basketball early on: if you kept at it, you got better. If […]

Praise as Much as You Criticize

Whether you’re a coach, a teacher, a boss or a parent, you’re in the business of molding the future. How do you help people improve? How do you help others become all they can be? There’s great advice in this article. It’s the Management Tip of the Day from the Harvard Business Review. “Research shows […]

Practice Design

Lately I’ve been working with coaches on practice design. They want to know how to make the most of the time they’re given. For more efficient and effective practices, start with the advice I heard legendary high school basketball coach Bobby Hurley give at a clinic last year in Iowa. “Write down your practice, and […]

The 20-Minute Rule

Bobby Hurley, one of the country’s most successful high school basketball coaches, spoke about practice at the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association’s weekend clinic in Des Moines, Iowa. Hurley, head of the legendary St. Anthony’s program in New Jersey, mentioned what we’ll call the 20-minute rule, namely, to compliment every player on the team in the […]