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The Worst Hiring Decision in NFL History

The New York Giants could have had Bill Belichick as their coach. But George Young, the team general manager at the time, saw reasons not to hire the man who may be the greatest football coach in history.

Results or Reasons

Yesterday I forgot to include the link to Dave Cross’ article on “No Surprises.” It’s here for the reading. Dave is the National Director of “Yes, I Can!” volleyball, and his article led me to think about about some definite “no’s” for your program. For instance, there should definitely be no excuses on your team. […]

How Football Coaches Think

With football training camps underway, it seems like a good time to check out some of the musings offered by championship football coaches. “ Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners.” — Joe Gibbs “The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. Our vision is what we […]

Working on a Dream

“Don’t let life discourage you. Everyone who got where they are started from where they were.” — quoted by Gary Pritchard Are you working on a dream? From minor-league baseball players hoping to reach the majors, to high school athletes working to win a scholarship, to people just hoping to find a job, we’re all […]