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Parent Sues Over Softball Vote

What do you think about the contention that an All-County vote can hurt a player’s chances? I just heard from a coach in Virginia who claims that colleges don’t even look at high school performance and honors. Instead, they look at traveling teams, and scout them personally.

What is the Purpose of Homework?

A few days ago the Record newspaper of Bergen County, N.J., printed an essay from a student on the amount of homework today‚Äôs students receive. I know virtually nothing about modern homework: how much there is, what it consists of, etc. All I know is that the backpacks the kids use today seem bigger and […]

Club vs. School

If you know any athletes who play both for their high school and for a club, you know that they must balance their participation. Not at Immaculate Heart Academy in Northern New Jersey. There, and perhaps at other schools around the country, the rule is hard and fast: You cannot miss a school event to […]