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When a Hire Just Doesn’t Work Out

Of the millions of hires made each year, some people just never fit in, others get sick and can’t deliver, and still others wind up as little performers with big resumes.

Preparing for a Great 2012

“Only you can control your future.” — Dr. Seuss Last night we went to a Japanese restaurant, the kind where the chef puts on a show while cooking your dinner right in front of you. His showmanship was one thing, but what really impressed me was the preparation. Great care had gone into cutting the […]

How to Change a Team Culture

If you’re looking for insight into leadership, check out the recent Sports Illustrated profile of Baltimore Orioles Manager Buck Showalter by writer Tom Verducci. Showalter is trying to turn around a franchise that has not had a winning season since 1997. So he is talking to his players about the approach to success. In one […]

A Night at the Ballpark

Last night I saw a big-league baseball game, my first in many years. Some thoughts.

One thing that stood out was how ORDINARY the game was. I don’t mean that in a bad way; the game was exciting and well-played. By ordinary I simply mean that at its essence, this event consisted of nothing but men batting and catching a ball. The fact that the game was on TV, was watched enthusiastically by thousands of people, and had its statistics recorded for all time had NOTHING to do with what happened on the field.