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How to Be Wildly Successful

My friend, mentor and co-author Rob Gilbert is being honored by his school today. Gilbert, a professor of sport psychology at Montclair State University, is receiving the Outstanding Education Practices Award. Gilbert’s life and teaching come down to four words: It is about others. He would rather hear your story than tell his. He’ll talk […]

The Things You Say! (To Yourself)

My friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert recently asked callers to his daily motivational hotline to list the dumbest thing they’ve ever said to themselves. You can probably guess what was No.1 on the Hit Parade. “I can’t.” These are words you hear all the time. Say them in my gym and you’re automatically doing […]

Just Get It Going

Today marks the finish line for Dr. Rob Gilbert’s 106-Day Challenge, a diet he put forth on his motivational telephone hotline (973-743-4690). Dr. Gilbert, a sports psychologist, invited his callers to go from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend without chips, cookies, cigarettes, etc. Yesterday he asked those who accepted the challenge to ask […]