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10 Things Great Coaches Know

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The Mental Skill That Decided the Super Bowl

If you can improve at this skill, you will win in sports and in life.

The First Step in Building Your Mental Game

Just as everyone has different levels of physical skill, so it is with mental skills like confidence and focus. You can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to mental training.

More Vital Than Genius or Strategy

You can have the best plan and the most skill, but if you lack this one ingredient, you’ll never win.

Problems and Solutions

Life is a series of problem-solving events. No one can escape. That means that the most important life skill could well be solving problems. Here’s a great article on problems and solutions. The author takes a close look at effective problem-solvers and asks what seems to be an overly basic question: Do people spend enough […]

What Do You Sound Like When You Coach?

What effect do your pep talks have? Do you actually inspire your players? Or would you cringe if you could hear yourself? This article by softball maven Cindy Bristow contains an exercise that could help you find out. In fact, even thinking about the exercise could make you a better coach. Get your tape recorder […]

How to Win Any Tournament

Do you suppose that, between now and the NCAA tournament, the athletes will get any faster? Taller? Stronger? No, they’re as fast, as tall and as strong as they are going to be for the next three weeks. If they’re going to make any improvement at all, it must be in their mental game. Here […]