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How to Get More Out of Practice

The other day I watched a school baseball team practice. With bat in hand, the coach worked with the outfielders, hitting fly balls for them to catch. This was a ritual that goes back well over a century. But something was missing: the effort to get better on every play. Every ball that came off […]

What Are You Good At?

Ever see a James Bond movie? He’s good at everything: driving, swimming, romancing, martial arts, computers, you name it. Bond’s skill set makes for great theater, but that’s all it’s good for. Here’s the reality: No one is good at everything. It takes lots of work to be good at even one thing. How much […]

But Will It Help Him Play Basketball?

Jordan McCabe is a young basketball player featured in this video. He has practiced and performed with enough skill to draw the eyes of local media in the Pacific Northwest. His drills certainly get your attention. But — here is the jackpot question for anyone who wants to acquire skill — do they help him […]