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How to Tell Your Future

If you would like a peek into your future, don’t waste your time going to a fortune-teller. There’s a cheaper and more reliable way of knowing what you will achieve. All you must do is look at the quality of your practice.

Practice shapes your future. Whatever you do in practice — for better or worse — stays with you. So if you want a future filled with extraordinary results, then you must prepare in an extraordinary way.

With Coach Tully, you get this extraordinary preparation. You get a Total Game Plan. You’ll discover not only how to make more efficient use of your time, but also how to turn every aspect of practice to your advantage.

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Seminar Topics

For Coaches, Teams, Businesses and Schools

* How an Orange Put a Man on the Moon: Building a Winning Culture
* The Five Magic Numbers of Coaching
* Motivating Your Kids Without Driving Them Crazy
* Ten Things Great Coaches Know
* Seven Secrets to World-Class Practice

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Customized Services

Team sessions. Working with your team before, during and after practice, Coach Tully will help your athletes to build skills more deeply, and to use those skills efficiently when it matters most.

Coaching seminars. Coach Tully helps leaders discover the opportunities to build mental skills into practice.

Winners Workshops: People face a variety of stressful situations: entering a new school or job, attending a tryout or audition, preparing for a big game, etc. One-day camps give people the tools to thrive in these and other situations.

Personal training: Coach Tully works one-on-one with individuals to identify strengths and weaknesses and to provide a game plan for success.