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Seven Mental Skills of the Winner

In school, sports or business, the way you think determines the way you perform. This seminar will help you:

  • Perform with more focus and confidence.
  • Be at your best when it means the most.
  • Gain a crucial edge over your competition.
  • Deal with rejection and discouragement.

To arrange a session on Seven Mental Skills of the Winner, call  (973) 800-5836 or email coachtully@totalgameplan.com.

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Winner’s Workshop

Success rests on these four pillars: motivation, teamwork, goals and skill. A Winner’s Workshop teaches:

* How to get motivated and stay motivated.

* How to build a team in a powerful and meaningful way.

* How to take goal-setting to a new level.

* How to acquire skill more quickly and deeply.

To bring a Winner’s Workshop to your school, business or sports team, call  (973) 800-5836 or email coachtully@totalgameplan.com.

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Sport Camps

TotalGamePlan Sports Camps are designed to help athletes with the mental side of practice and competition. Among the topics are:

* How to Think Like a Champion.

* How to Improve at Anything.

* How to Ace a Tryout.

* How to Design a Great Off-Season Program.

For information on all Sports Camps, call (973) 800-5836 or email coachtully@totalgameplan.com.

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TotalGamePlan Team Camps

Do you make the most efficient use of practice time?

Do you build mental skills into your practice time?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then a TotalGamePlan Team Camp can help you practice more effectively!

You know how important mental skills are. You’ve seen anxiety, lack of focus, and poor motivation get in the way of success.

You can change that right now!

Coach Tully will come to your gym and work with coaches and players to identify and capitalize on opportunities to build your mental game. His techniques will also help your athletes acquire skill more quickly and deeply. Every aspect of your practices will become more productive and leave you better prepared for games.

To hear more about a TotalGamePlan Team Camp, call Coach Tully at (973) 800-5836 or email him at coachtully@totalgameplan.com.

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Staff Camps

Are you an athletic director, principal or superintendent who wants to develop top-level programs in all areas of your department? Coach Tully has spoken to audiences from coast to coast with tips on skill acquisition, practice design and team-building.

A half-day invested in a TotalGamePlan Staff Camp will make a difference for every coach, every day!

For more information, call Coach Tully at (973) 800-5836 or email him at coachtully@totalgameplan.com.