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How to Become a Billionaire

Do you find your life a little dull and predictable? Would you like to travel the world, not just on vacation but to speak to people who will write down your every word? How would you feel about going down in history as one of the most influential scientists of all time?
Not easy, but simple.
Here’s what you must do. Find the answer to the question, “Why do some people persist, while others quit?”
Suppose you knew the answer to that question when you hired a new marketing director, or were making a draft choice for a sports team, or — ready for this? — getting married?
This knowledge would revolutionize the world, not to mention raise serious societal issues. What, for example, would happen to someone judged to be a quitter? If you knew someone was going to quit, why would you want that person on your team?
For now let’s stick with the question of why people quit. Is the answer even knowable? Could you find out from a gene? A brain scan? How about a saliva test?
Whether the answer is right around the corner or centuries away, one thing is sure: People who make the right hiring choices have a huge advantage over those who don’t. Even the slightest bit of information that would lead to better choices would be worth a fortune in dollars and prestige.
That is the aim of this blog — to unearth and share information that can help those who hire.
We’ll go into genetics, psychology, physiology, sociology, history, neurology. We’ll tell stories. And we’d love to hear your reactions, feedback, theories. Who knows? Maybe the field of study that will shed light on hiring does not even exist. And you’ll be the one to invent it.


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