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Beating the Odds

There’s No Such Thing as 2017

Sounds like the year 2017 has its hands full.

The ball in Times Square hadn’t even dropped, and millions were looking to the new year to clean up the mess of 2016. That’s a lot of responsibility to heap on a recent arrival.

Don’t make the mistake of counting on 2017, for the simple reason there is no such thing as 2017.

Wait a minute, you say. Sure there is a 2017. I’ve got a calendar and an appointment book and my iPhone calendar to prove it!

But no one lives life a year at a time. Or a month. Or even a day. People live life one decision at a time. And decisions add up.

“Life is the sum of all your choices,” said philosopher Albert Camus.

My friend and mentor Rob Gilbert, who offers a free motivational phone message every day at (973) 743-4690), recently outlined the choice. Twelve months from now, he said, you will either have taken action or simply grown a year older.

It will happen one decision at a time. You can get in shape, try out for the team, improve at the thing you love. Or not.

Said homespun wordsmith Flora Whittemore, “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”

So if you’re looking for something to clean up 2016, forget about 2017. Instead, use your power to decide.

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