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Are Big Offers No Longer Coming Your Way?

If business in your field has slowed down, chances are you’ve tried familiar strategies.

You’ve reached out for new clients, checked back with old ones. You’ve increased your marketing.

Still, no big offers come in.

What gives?

When big offers stop coming your way, it may have nothing to do with your clients or the quality of what you offer. It likely has more to do with yourself.

Specifically, the reason you’re not getting offers is because you don’t really want them. Your attention has gone elsewhere, to things you would rather be doing.

Says the Law of Attraction: “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.”

This thought came into focus through a chat with a friend. Business in his main job has slowed. After years of success, he’s waiting in vain for the phone to ring. Some of that has to do with the Great Recession. But, my friend says, there is another reason. He just isn’t that interested in his old career anymore. He’s interested — no, passionate! — about coaching. For years he has made it his second career. He loves mentoring and seeing athletes succeed because of some help he has offered.

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams,” said world-class sprinter Donovan Bailey.

So if your phone isn’t ringing, you can use familiar strategies. But you can also try this one: Listen! Listen to what the universe might be whispering to you.

“The universe,” said Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Henri-Lois Bergson, “is a machine for the making of gods.”

Note: Many thanks to Luka Slabe, men’s volleyball coach at Brigham Young University, to resume my dormant blog. Good energy to your team, coach!

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