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Beating the Odds

Circus Impossible

One day the circus came to town.

A brother and sister watched with awe as the train pulled into the station.

Out came the elephants, the clowns, the acrobats. They all paraded to the arena, leaving the brother and sister eager for more.

Sure enough, on Saturday the two children set out for the circus. They loved being on the grounds, with the smell of popcorn, the sound of the barkers and sight of dazzling costumes.

After two hours, the boy and girl went home, having formed a lifelong love of the circus.

What a sad story.

Why sad?

Because the boy and the girl never even entered the tent. They thought they had seen the whole show, when they really had only sampled a bit of what was there.

Today marks Day 10 of a 17-day seminar on “How to Do the Impossible.” Dr. Rob Gilbert is turning out great information on his daily Success Hotline at (973) 743-4690. I’m blogging right here at Total Game Plan.

Dr. Gilbert is a professor of sport psychology and I’m a coach. We both believe you have what it takes to be great. We believe you have everything you need inside you. We’re trying to convince you of that, and tell you how to move forward.

Too many people are like that boy and girl who never even entered the bigtop. They don’t see the possibilities.

“I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities,” said comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

Said Mark Twain, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

Neither are you. You can pursue the impossible. You can think outside the box. You can look for things where no one else does. You can think things no one else does. In fact, if you want to do the impossible, you’ll have to.

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